FireRiffs Presents: Invasion of the Bee Girls


Bee Girls
FireRiffs Presents: Invasion of the Bee Girls

Welcome to Peckham California; a strange town where people openly play kinky sex games, scientists are all ladies men, and a female etymologist combines women’s DNA with bees for some inexplicable reason. And what is the result of these bizarre genetic experiments? Well as one would naturally expect, a bunch of horny women who have sex with men until they men die of sexual exhaustion.

When a government contracted bacteriologist dies, Neil Agar of the State Department of Security comes to investigate. He is assisted by a sexy… we’re assuming scientist named Julie. Together they work to solve the mystery of the mounting number of men dying by sexual exhaustion. Can Agar solve the mystery? Will he manage to get Julie into bed since that is clearly his goal from the moment he lays eyes on her?

Join me as I riff this little piece of 70’s sexploitation.

(WARNING: Movie contains nudity and is probably not suitable to watch with the kiddies)

Files include and MP4 and an ISO disc image to burn a DVD (requires a dual layer disc), a disc label and dvd jackets for both standard and slim-pack DVD cases. The DVD comes with a bonus “Making of an IRiff” documentary. The disc image is playable in VLC media player if you don’t want to burn a disc.

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