FireRiffs Gaming

FireRiffs Gaming Log2

Introducing FireRiffs Gaming.  Just to add some variety and an excuse to play more video games, I’ve started livestreaming video games.  What kind of games will I be streaming?  It depends on what I’m in the mood for and what’s I’ve got on my Switch.FirerRiffs Smash Bros

 I’ll be keeping it as family friendly as possible.  I play a variety of games from modern games like Cuphead and Mega Man 11, to retro games like Prince of Persia The Sands of Time and Beyond Good and Evil.  So come, chat, play when there’s a co-op game, and maybe even laugh as I flounder through games that are out of my wheel house. Fireriffs Mega Man 11 Subscribe to my Youtube channel or follow on Twitch to keep up to date on my latest streams (including live riffs)!