FireRiffs Presents: Fitting Faces


FireRiffs Presents: Fitting Faces

In today’s materialistic world we are more concerned with appearance than ever.  For those of us who are visually challenged choosing the right glasses is critical.  But how are we to know what frames will best suit our faces?  Never fear for “Fitting Faces” is here to help!

Mary Jones must prepare for a big date but her selection of eye wear could make or break the big night.  Which pair she chooses could determine whether she looks like a beautiful princess or an ugly toad.  Luckily for her a nosy disembodied voice helps her choose.  After berating her for selecting the wrong frame he goes into a long winded explanation of which glasses suit which facial structure and then how lenses are made (just to show off his knowledge of lens manufacturing).  Will this superficial voice save her big date?  Find out when you watch “Fitting Faces.”

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