FireRiffs Presents: Batman


FireRiffs Presents: Batman (1989)

When Gotham City faces evil criminal masterminds who can its citizens turn to?  The police?  No, this is laundry day and they’re down to their last pair of undies.  Instead they must turn to a grown man who dresses up like a nocturnal mammal and since Possum Man is out with the flu it’s up to Batman to save the day.

When Batman interferes with a police bust at a chemical plant he accidentally drops gangster Jack Napier in a vat of chemicals.  Against all odds Jack emerges from the skin coroding chemicals with a new purpose and identity.  Now the Joker, Jack decides he’s going to poison the good citizens of Gotham.  Only Batman can stop him because apparently being disfigured makes the Joker a nemesis an entire force of highly trained police officers can’t handle.  Batman goes about his mission meeting an attractive photojournalist, and racking up millions of dollars in property damage and medical bills along the way.

Join Scott Burke as he riffs this 80’s blockbuster and becomes increasingly disillusioned about the whole superhero thing.

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